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I got my first digital camera in 1998 for my 21st birthday. I've been shooting up a storm ever since. I still have some of the first photos from that camera that March. My Dad was retiring from the Air Force at the time. I actually still have the camera, but need to find a power charger to see if it still works.

For now I have disabled the Photo functionality here on the site, but you can still access all my photos via my Flickr stream.

Chris Hammond is

Chris Hammond is a father, husband, leader, developer and car guy. Chris has long specialized in ASP.NET and DotNetNuke development, so you will find a variety of topics here on the website. For more information check out the about me page.

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Any blog posts here are solely the opinion and views of Chris Hammond only. Comments on blog posts are the opinion of the commenter, and not Chris Hammond.

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