Today is November 16, 2020, why is that an important date? If you registered for the Dirty Kanza in 2020 and chose a deferral option, today is the day that deferral users have the ability to sign up for the 2021 race.

Check out your email for details on registration for Unbound Gravel 2021.

One side note: Personally we received an email saying that we had deferred to 2022 and wouldn’t be receiving a registration link today. Hopefully that was just an error and they’ll get it corrected today. I know personally I am planning on riding 2021.

Have you started your training yet?


Update: 11/16/2020

The marketing director from LifeTime posted in a private Facebook group acknowledging that some deferrals were errantly attributed to 2022, and they will be emailing those impacted with registration information for 2021.

With a limited number of National events for the 2020 season, local autocross became the focus for many drivers around the country. In St. Louis we've had 8 of 9 events. 

RainbowMarks has been able to shoot photos at a variety of these events, below you will find photo galleries of some of those events.

July 26, 2020

July 26, 2020 Autocross

September 20, 2020

St. Louis Autocross 9-20-2020 Heat 1 St. Louis Autocross 9-20-2020 Heat 3

October 4th, 2020

2020 St Louis Region Event 7 Heat 1 2020 St. Louis Region Event 7 Heat 2

October 10th, 2020

St. Louis Autocross 10-10-2020 Heat 1 St. Louis Region Autocross 10-10-2020 Heat 3

With a limited number of National events for the 2020 season, local autocross became the focus for many drivers around the country. In St. Louis we've had 8 of 9 events. 

RainbowMarks has been able to shoot photos at a variety of these events, below you will find photo galleries of some of those events.

He was a fine high-minded man, and greatly respected both ashore and on the river. He was very tall, well built and handsome; and in his old age - as I remember him - his hair was black as an Indian’s and his eye and hand were strong and steady and his nerve and judgement as firm and dear as anybody’s young or old, among the FRATERNITY of PILOTS. Mark Twain

Somehow I haven’t blogged about the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire, and here we are with a second iteration of the bottle already! Maybe soon we’ll get some pictures of the original bottle, for now we’ll cover the newly designed bottle that was released in 2019 and most markets in 2020.

September is the accepted Birth Month of Jack Daniel’s, so every September there is a month long celebration with photos and stories that are posted online. This month however is a little different, it was announced yesterday that Master Distiller Jeff Arnett will be stepping down at the end of September 2020, and leaving Jack Daniel’s. No further details have been provided, is he retiring, going somewhere else?

In honor of our state’s 200th birthday, we’d like to share a simple salute with you. Our Tennessee Bicentennial Bottle is a replica of the Centennial Decanter Mr. Jack designed back in 1896. And, like the decanter the whiskey inside has remained true to the original except for one special difference-it’s bottled at 96 proof in honor of this bicentennial year. Here’s to the enduring spirit of Tennessee tradition. 1796-1996

In July/August 2020 Jack Daniel’s released the 2020 version of the Eric Church Single Barrel Select bottle, a follow on release after their 2019 Eric Church Double Down Tour Single Barrel. This year’s bottle is a beautiful opaque black with a black and gold label. It came with a paper hang tag, also in black and gold.

Today marks 6 months since I quit eating meat and dairy. February 9th was the last day I ate meat intentionally (one known slipup since).

It hasn’t been super easy, but honestly, it hasn’t been all that hard either. I expected that I might make it a few months and then I’d give up and go back to my old diet, but 6 months in, I can honestly say I don’t have any plans of changing back.

Since I went vegan I’m down ~16lbs, I was down more, but have crept back up over the past month without much exercise. I am hoping to get my weight loss back in gear this week as I am going to get back out on the bike, even if it is raining (or maybe I’ll setup the trainer again?). My biggest vice is I started allowing myself to drink soda again, I need to cut that back out.

I have cheated here or there, mainly bread or something that has egg, or perhaps milk, in it, but only a couple of times over 6 months. I definitely go out of my way to avoid dairy/egg based products. The one time I ate meat, was an accident. We had made tacos, both meat, and plant based. When I went to have left overs the next day, I couldn’t tell the containers apart and ate the wrong one. I definitely could feel it in my gut for a few days.

The only real thing I haven’t avoided as a vegan is honey. I don’t have a problem eating honey, and unless something changes, I will not try to avoid it.

If you’re thinking about trying to change your diet, give it a try! I eat a lot better than I did for the first 42 years of my life, have far more flavor and variety in my diet, and am as healthy as I’ve ever been. I don’t feel sick and bloated after eating, I don’t get sluggish. All around I just feel better.

Living here in Wildwood, MO we have had access to some awesome events over the past few years. In August 2017 the total eclipse passed right over our city with some of the longest times available in the country. This week we’re fortunate enough to be able to see the Comet Neowise that was discovered back in March and recently travelled near the Sun and became (somewhat) visible to the naked eye due to that pass.

imageThe DNN project keeps chugging along and the open source community has put together a new release 9.6.0 that came out on April 29th, 2020.

Version 9.6.0 contains primarily bug fixes, with the potential for some breaking changes (read below) and a few enhancements to things that just make sense and a couple of new features.

I have a hunch, but no official word, that this release also contains some needed security fixes, so you might want to look at upgrading sooner rather than later, and keeping an eye out for any DNN related security bulletins.

Breaking Changes:

If you have any custom modules that you developed, or perhaps purchased from a third party, that rely on the Telerik controls that used to ship with DNN, you’ll want to be sure to give this upgrade a whirl in a test environment before you perform it in production. There are some changes to remove the bindings for Telerik as those controls have been deprecated for quite some time. Two weeks ago I threw together a (longer than expected) video on how I went through and upgraded my development environment to a release candidate version of DNN and show you how I tested some of my open source modules against the RC to ensure that I didn’t need to make additional changes to the modules before the 9.6.0 release.

You can view that video here:

The release contains 49 Pull Requests from 19 different contributors to the open source project. You can find the full list of those on the 9.6.0 release page on GitHub.

Some of the bug fix highlights include:

  • Fixes to the site settings page width
  • Fix where site settings would sometimes load the wrong site
  • Fix for multiple instances of an MVC module on a page not working

Some New Features include:

  • Simple web farm caching provider for cloud added
  • UI for managing site groups
  • Export Portal functionality revived!

Some of the Enhancements include:

  • Core messaging performance improvements
  • Fixes for pages with longer names and the Pages menu

Next Steps:

Before you do anything back up your site, the files, and the database. You should be doing that pretty regularly anyways but definitely before you do an upgrade.

Upgrade your site! But how? Be sure to read our guide on Upgrading DNN and watch our latest upgrade video to see it in action.

Last fall I discovered that there are Facebook groups dedicated to Jack Daniel’s. I started following The Jack Cave, with Sue Scheel Clark. One a post there one day she mentioned the Sunshine State Squires and Collectors Facebook Group out of Florida, and that they were putting together some special edition bottles, and had previously done a few bottles as well. The first bottle that I learned about is one I hope to write about in the next week or two, as I don’t have it yet, but today I received my first bottle from the group.


This bottle was put together for the 2020 Daytona Beach Bike Week. The bottle is a single barrel selection chosen by the group, and contains a number of very cool things! The first, most noticeable item is the custom sleeve, with a photoshopped picture combining Easy Rider and the ocean.

It also contains a hang tag reading “Daytona Beach Bike Week 2020”.

It contains a sticker, a coaster, and a custom coin, along with an etched bottle.

The front of the coin reads the same as the logo on the sleeve:

Daytona Beach, Florida

79th Bike Week

World’s Largest Motorcycle Event


The etched bottle reads the same as the coaster, and the back of the coin:

Daytona Beach Bike Week

Ride Responsibly

Bottles & Throttles Don’t Mix


I ended up ordering two of these bottles, and 3 extra sleeves. As I’ve gotten into the various Facebook groups I’ve seen these custom bottles and sleeves that have “scenes”, and when you have multiple boxes next to each other you can see the full scene, you can see this in the photos below as I have a shot of one of the sleeves fully spread out.

I look forward to partaking in future bottle sales that these groups do!

Bottled: March 10, 2020
Barrel Number: 20-01418
Rick No.: L-17
Release: March 2020
Proof: 94
Size: 750ml
Price: $75/bottle

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