Datsun 240z

For a number of years I had a 1973 Datsun 240z, and a 1978 280z 2+2 parts car. Here you will find some of the posts and videos from those two cars.

Say it isn't so! We've found the piston!

What? Chris actually worked on the 240Z? Impossible! It tis true, it really is. Tonight I got home and decided it was time to tear into the motor, so I did just that. I even recorded the whole process, so hopefully I'll have video up soon. For now you can check out the photos of what I found, be warned, it's not pretty!

Here's the first one, this is NOT ALL of the parts, there are still parts in the motor that may never come out.


At first I thought I found a nut, and that was the culprit of the whole mess. I don't believe that to be the case, I believe the nuts/bolts connecting the rod to the crankshaft came free, though, perhaps that was the problem, maybe they were lose?


I'm going to save this piece, and perhaps attach it to my office door at work.


Plenty more pictures in the Project240Z Set on Flickr

UPDATE here's a link to tonight's video.

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