Datsun 240z

For a number of years I had a 1973 Datsun 240z, and a 1978 280z 2+2 parts car. Here you will find some of the posts and videos from those two cars.

Progress on the 240Z? Yeah, right....

Not much progress has been made on the car lately. Since I lasted work on the car I've been pretty much working on work and school stuff non stop, no car work. I was in Vegas at a conference for a week, I started working on my book (work related) and then I've been finishing up a econ paper that I was supposed to do this past summer, and am just now getting finished up.


I'm off to California next week, so it's not looking like I'll get anything done on the car until the week of Christmas, hopefully with my dad here in town that week he can get me motivated, perhaps we can even get the motor in the car! lofty goals :)


I did order some Bushings last week off of Ebay when they were having the 30% cashback special from



Hopefully I'll have more updates in two weeks if we get started while my parents are in town for the holidays.

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