Datsun 240z

For a number of years I had a 1973 Datsun 240z, and a 1978 280z 2+2 parts car. Here you will find some of the posts and videos from those two cars.

Monday Monday Monday Progress!

Today was a good day! Progress was made! First things first, at lunch myself, Henry, and Eric headed down to High Ridge to again to get a cap for my Fuel cell, I realized yesterday that I was only 3 of the 4 fitting points for the fuel cell, and I had better get something to cover the fourth one up.

After work my Henry (one of my bosses) and his mechanic buddy Ronnie came over to the house, after we made a quick pitstop at Gateway Electronics again to get more wiring items (I also spotted the Rally Bug builders on their way home from work). Ronny runs a shop down south near where he and Henry both live, so he was an EXCELLENT resource to have working on the car tonight. He and Henry got nearly every wire in the engine bay connected and placed in the appropriate areas, leaving just a few things for me to do in the bay.

Eric also came over after making a trip to Autozone to get the battery for his 3rd gen RX-7 recharged. He finished up the fuel cell items that needed done. Adding the inline filter before the pump and then attached the vent line with the bulkhead fitting and check valve.

I spent the evening doing minor things, mainly being in awe of all the work that Henry and Ronnie were getting done. I did track down some keys to the car, though I swear the keys I grabbed were the keys to the parts car I got rid of, one of them fit into the ignition for the 240z. I also figured out that the ignition has been turned on this whole time, which would explain why we never needed a key to turn the steering wheel when rolling the car around, though I'm not sure how it was turned on and the key removed. I do have the ignition out of the 78, as well as the turn signal and headlight switches from that car to try and use on the 73.

Ronnie was able to get the power from the new battery hooked up to the starter, and alternator, which in turn got power to quite a bit of the car. One of the hazards work, the parking lights looked to work as when the headlights were turned on the rear lights lit up. I'll ahve to figure out how to wire up the headlights in the future, but I'm guessing the wiring for them should be somewhat intact based on testing tonight.

So I've got more work to do tomorrow night. I'll try to finish up the wiring that is left in the engine bay, as well as wire up the fuse panel and try to mount the Megasquirt tomorrow night.

Right now my goal is to try and start the car either Wednesday, or Thursday night! Though, I'm seriously thinking I won't be going to Topeka, though I'm still hoping to at take the car to the local autox this Sunday.

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