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Over the years I have owned 2 350Zs, a 2003 Enthusiast and a 2004 Enthusiast. I have autocrossed both of these, and have quite a few blog posts, photos, and videos that you can choose from.

DotNetNuke Sitemap integration for your modules

I have thought for a while now that I should do some SiteMap integration for a couple of modules, but I honestly never got around to getting it done.

Something triggered my need yesterday, and I got rolling with things rather quickly. Chris Paterra has a great post on how to implement a sitemap for your modules, I ended up implementing one for the DNNSimpleArticle module which powers the homepage of and I also implemented it for the module that powers,, and

The basics are pretty straight forward for getting a SiteMap integrated with your custom modules. I won’t recreate Chris’ blog post here, but basically you need to create a new class, and populate a list of SiteMapUrls. Depending on your module, and it’s content, that may or may not be difficult.

I think I’m going to implement the sitemap for the next release of the Wiki module, should be fairly straightforward.

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