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So I'm here in Minneapolis teaching another week of DotNetNuke Training. It's an interesting town, but I'm looking forward to being home again this weekend and working on the Datsun www.project240z.com

Monday it looks like I am driving to Indianapolis for the day to meet with a new client, then driving home Monday night. That'll make for a long day, but I would rather do that then stay over night.

Check out my flickr feed for some photos www.flickr.com/photos/chammond/

While i've been here I've been trying to finish up a few chapter reviews from the production layouts for the book. I have one chapter left to review, and Pat has a chapter or two to finish up. After that I "think" we're done with the book, but we'll see what the publisher says!

I made a few changes to the site this evening, a few things I've had planned for a while. Now, all my blog posts from www.project240z.com, www.corvettez06.org and http://weblogs.asp.net/christoc will all aggregate here, so you can pull in my RSS feed from www.chrishammond.com and get whatever blog posts I make on those sites as well. The links should take you directly to the blog posts on those sites.

If you see any problems with this please let me know, I'm excited to get this flexibility built into the site and have another project to be announced later this week that will use this feature as well!

Yet again I was headfirst into the Project240z and I missed another DotNetNuke Release! 4.5.5 dropped last week with a few major items fixed that caused probelms in the 4.5.4 release.  You can see those issues, as well as other issues from past releases in the Project Issue Tracker http://support.dotnetnuke.com/project/ChangeLog.aspx?PROJID=2 As for the 240Z, good news, I got the car running Saturday, and even drove it around a bit on Sunday! Posted from...
Over the weekend (I missed it because I was working on my car all weekend www.project240z.com) DotNetNuke 4.5.4 dropped, you can get it from www.dotnetnuke.com You can see a list of changes on the Gemini site at http://support.dotnetnuke.com I've cleaned up the list a bit and posted it here as well. Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-5075 Adding/deleting security roles - notification/date format.  Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-5239 Issue with "required" profile properties. Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-5433 Redirect after login   Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-5616 Core code should not reference external images... >Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-5646 last lock-out date incorrect   Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-5765 Sitemap.aspx Including Link to DotNetNuke.com   Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-5614 Page Quota Not Working in Demo Portals   Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-5771 Profile Definition Required Needs to be Tied to Visibility   Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-5715 Install wizard runs when database is missing Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-5727 Can't delete default home page after installation/yellow screen of death   Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-5803 Save stylesheet in site settings clears selected logo   Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-5855 Upgrade Status Indicator   Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-5787 Account Login module is not visible to logged in users   Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-5847 Add Existing Module no longer allows settings change to original   Admin / Host Functions Bug DNN-5862 Module Cache Expiration   Admin / Host Functions Enhancement DNN-5805 short circuit check for known account defaults   Admin / Host Functions Enhancement DNN-5854 Google Adsense Support   Control Panel Bug DNN-1579 Misleading Tooltips  General Bug DNN-5754 Profile Property Names that contain spaces raise js errors   Installation / Upgrade Bug DNN-5853 *.ZIP Packages should be installed automatically   Installation / Upgrade Bug DNN-5605 Password length error string   Installation / Upgrade Bug DNN-5606 Possible incorrect description text   Localization / ML Bug DNN-5835 typo in manage users localization file   Localization / ML Bug DNN-2612 XML Error in Resource Verifier   Localization / ML Enhancement DNN-5778 Inconsistent on page help text on the Account Login module Help buttons   Performance Bug DNN-5852 Add Tab Hangs on Site with large volume of Pages   Performance Task DNN-5714 unneccesary call in BuildDiv method of FieldEditorControl   Security Bug DNN-5802 ReturnUrl - Cross Site Request Forgery Vector   Security Bug DNN-5829 DNN Membership Preventing Active Directory Login   Security Bug DNN-5746 New user registration not working if specific page defined   Security Bug DNN-5734 Roles duplicated on "Global Roles" due to list values   Security Bug DNN-2593 Custom module permissions not deleted   Security New Feature DNN-678 SSL Support Skinning Bug DNN-4590 DNN not rendering link to skins CSS file   Skinning Bug DNN-5618 FixImagePath routine trashing APPIMAGEPATH   Skinning Bug DNN-5672 Pagingtable class made ineffective by hard-coded styles   Templates Bug DNN-5549 CS1010: Newline in constant error after creating new CS module using template   UI / Usability Bug DNN-5628 Assignment issue in HelpButtonControl   UI / Usability Bug DNN-5708 Wrong CSS class specified for "Manage User Credentials" tab   I'll be updating my sites today! Also, check out the "New Feature" of SSL support in the Core! Sweet! Posted from...
This past week has been pretty darn busy, actually, so far 2007 has been pretty darn busy. At work we've been cranking away on a pretty large project built upon DotNetNuke. It's like nothing I've seen done successfully with DNN before, so it'll be interesting to see when this latest version goes public how well it does. It's rewarding, but a damn lot of work lately. I can't wait for February. I keep telling myself in February I'm going to start working on my car again, www.project240z.com Posted from...

Chris Hammond is a father, husband, leader, developer and car guy. Chris has long specialized in ASP.NET and DotNetNuke development, so you will find a variety of topics here on the website. For more information check out the about me page.

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