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So last night 7 of us went out to dinner at Llywelyn's in Webster Groves. I wanted to go see Steve Ewing from The Urge playing there, and I figured I'd drag along a few guys from work so Natalie and I would have some people to talk to. It was a great time, and I must say, Steve is an amazing singer, if you get a chance to see him playing somewhere do. In person he sounds just like the recordings except with a little more crowd enticement there. Check him out at www.steviee.com I'm also proud to say I'll be using some of his music in upcoming videos for www.corvettez06.org and www.project240z.com
What did I do tonight? More than most nights! I got home and decided it was time to tear into the motor that blew in the 240Z. So I did that! I found the piston. Well, I found some of the piston, in 100+ pieces. After working on the car tonight I had dinner with my wife, then came upstairs and was planning on getting some work done. Instead I opened up my Bass case and plugged into the amp. I played for quite a while, far longer than I expected, mostly learning some Green Day tunes. I must admit, I think I was born a base player, not a guitar player. I find it so much easier to just pick up and play a song, though, bass parts are generally...
So, you're lazy like me, and hate taking your Zune inside the house because really all that means is that you forget to take it with you in the morning when you leave. Well never fear! With the new firmware update 2.1 it looks like you're going to be able to leave your Zune in your vehicle, and sync up the device! I'm excited about this. My Zune is always in my Tahoe, plugged into a power source, so this should work out excellent for me assuming the Wifi has a strong enough signal in the driveway, which wasn't a problem when I was outside working on the Project240z all spring with my laptop running! This also means it should work well for Natalie's Zune as well! Though, if I buy a Corvette it now means I'll have to wire up the Zune again, as it won't have the connection I already added for the...

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