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I finally got to working on the SM2 project today. I didn't do much, but I got over a big hurdle.I got the 240Z moved out of the garage and moved the 280z 2+2 into the garage so I can start tearing the motor out of it. I also removed the hood and hinges from the 280, fit the hood onto the 240. That was another concern, if the hood would actually swap nicely between the two. So far it looks like it will, though I didn't bother putting the hinges on it and onto the 240 as I will just have to remove it when I go to put the motor back into the 240Z when ready.Hopefully this week I'll get started on pulling the motor out of the 280, though I'm going to have to see if I can get someone to buy the 240Z motor first, It's taking up too much room in the garage.  posted from...

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