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So a few days ago I was on this CTS-V kick. I decided I'd get a CTS-V to replace the Tahoe, something fun to drive every day, yet still refined. I looked around, found one I was interested in locally and went to drive it tonight. Driving: The thing is amazing, fun to drive, fast as hell, and stops well. Everything Else: I wasn't impressed. I had hoped with a Cadillac I'd get some "wow", but honestly, I didn't get any wow. The dash had some wear around the navigation screen, the rest of the interior had some wear and tear. Nothing major, but honestly nothing that jumped out at me with a "you have to buy this, wow". I sat in the back seat, holy crap that's not gonna work. I'm 6'3", I'm not sure a 6' person could sit back there. There is NO headroom whatsoever. So, that is that, the car is fun to drive, fast as hell, but didn't give me enough for how much it would end up costing. So the Tahoe stays around. Besides, I should keep the Tahoe and find an LS1 to put into the 240Z, a Caddy might be fun, but I'm not going to find one that fun with room like the Tahoe has for taking everyone to lunch at work. I'm the bus driver posted from...

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