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I'm really starting to lose enthusiasm for Community Server the more and more it becomes restricted and pricey with it's licensing model. I guess it's time to look into writing some conversion scripts from CS to DotNetNuke for Forums and Blogs, as DotNetNuke still remains a good free solution for community websites. CS seems to become more restrictive everytime the have a new release (once a year).I use CS on a few sites (http://themadblogger.org, http://stlouisinside.com, http://sccaforums.com, http://solo2.org/, http://chrishammond.com) but will seriously consider making the move to DotNetNuke based sites for those currently running CS if the Licensing stays the way it is for 2007. I had actually looked forward to doing the upgrade to 2007 for some of the sites. Open Source works -> www.dotnetnuke.com Posted from...

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