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We're sitting here at Scott Guthrie's keynote this morning as he starts to discuss Visual Studio 2008 and development on the platform. Scott reiterated the announcement from last night that Visual Studio 2008 will be released later this month, available to MSDN subscribers and they will also be sending out copies to the attendees of DevConnections. Sitting here this morning I've seen quite a few core team members walking by. Phil Beadle Jon Henning Vincenc Manasas (sorry Vincenc) Joe Brinkman After Scott's presentation is over there will be a short break for the expo hall and then Shaun Walker's DotNetNuke Keynote will take place. I'm sure that room will be packed, so if you read this before then, get there early. So far Scott is just covering some of the basics of 2008. Such as:  Multitargeting to allow development in 2008 that can be built towards specific older frameworks of the .Net runtime, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5. The IDE will only show you intelligence and tools available to the specific version that you are targeting. Integrated AJAX support within 2008: JavaScript intellisense, debugging, testing. ASP.NET Ajax built into VS2k8 instead of being a separated download for the framework. Rich CSS Management and HTML designer the Expression WYSIWYG designer. LINQ and rich Data Support, new technology in 3.5, easily queries and works with data, ORDesigner included Scott just welcomed Sam up on stage to do a demo for ASP.NET on 2k8. Demos switching between design and source view and the speed at which he can switch. Sam is demoing some of the new CSS functionality within VS2k8, as well as LINQ data access and now paging on a review with AJAX. He's now on to covering JavaScript intellisense and debugging. I'm now sitting in the speaker. Room, trying to get online. There's Wireless here at hte conference, and I can get connected to it, but from there I'm pretty much SOL. So far the speaker room isn't looking too much better as I'm still typing this and not posting it! Heh, gotta love that. I had a darn IP address specified on my wired connection, no wonder I couldn't get online.     Posted from...

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