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In late June 2014, we took a family vacation. We left from St. Louis and drove west to the promise land. Colorado, that’s my promise land. The beautiful country, the place I would go if I were rich and could move all of our family (immediate and extended) to one place without thinking about the cost involved in such an undertaking.

Our family of four (myself and my wife, plus a 3 year old daughter, and recently turned 1yr old son) visited Denver, friends, family, and then we went further west, to a place 50 miles from the nearest town, at 9500’, deep into Wilderness country.

We went to Trapper’s Lake.

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I’ve been one to do a lot of time lapse videos, I’ve actually been doing them since 2006, I think this was my first one, it is at least the oldest one I could find on YouTube. Over the years I have used a number of different cameras, different software and as you can see from my YouTube Channel different subjects (predominantly cars, though lots of them).

Chris Hammond

I’ve spent the last two evenings in the French Quarter. No, not drinking it up and partying like a college kid, but like a 34 year old married man, walking around with a camera looking for interesting things to take pictures of. No pictures of people yet, but check out some of the photos I took tonight.

Doors off Bourbon Street Doors off Bourbon Street

Chris Hammond

You should head over to OliviaTech.com and check out the video about using a Circular Polarizing Filter, I must admit my newb photographer ass had no idea how they worked, and now I wish it wasn’t dark here in Half Moon Bay so I could go out and try out my new knowledge!


Chris Hammond

Denver really goes all out in lighting up City Hall for the holidays. Check out this photo I took down there earlier this evening.

Denver City Hall

I’ve still got quite a few photos to go through from the Amsterdam trip, though I did post another one this evening as well.

Amsterdam Ferrari

Chris Hammond
Well, Grafton Illinois sure markets themselves as the winter home for Bald Eagles, but we didn't see any there today! We went up the Great River Road today hunting for Bald Eagles (with a camera, not a gun). We ended up seeing a couple flying near the Brussell's Ferry though nothing too close. After that quick stop we headed up to Pere Marquette State Park to see what we could find. The kind lady behind the counter at the park told us she got a phonecall that there were a bunch of Eagles at the Winfield Ferry. So we took off, back to the Brussell's Ferry and then drove across the peninsula to the Winfield Ferry to cross over the Mississippi River back into Missouri. When we got to the Winfield Ferry we weren't sure we were going to see anything but a quick hope out of the car found a couple of Eagles flying above. After crossing over the Mississippi we took a quick jaunt north towards the lock and dam, which ended up being the most fruitful of our efforts on this bitterly cold Sunday. We found a pair of Bald Eagles hanging out in the trees near the lock and dam. I'm going through photos right now and hope to have some of them posted on Flickr later tonight!
Chris Hammond
Earlier today I started working on a new DotNetNuke Module that displays Flickr Photos. The initial version is posted on my photos page so you can see my 50 most recent Flickr photos. There is still a lot left to do with this module, but at least it is displaying photos for now. http://www.chrishammond.com/photos.aspx
Chris Hammond
I put a few of my old Sony Camcorder accessories on Ebay as my camera broke a few years ago. Check them out at the links below. Sony ECM-HS1 Camcorder Gun Zoom Microphone Sony VCL-0637H Wide Angle Conversion Lens   Sony Mavica 2.0x Telephoto Lens VCL-R2037   They were all used on a Sony Handycam DCR-TRV740 ...
Chris Hammond
So you might have seen all the DotNetNuke posts lately, but what about just a Chris and Natalie post? Well here it goes! (you can follow along with some of the photos here on Flickr) Natalie and I had a blast in Las Vegas this past week. We went on the 3rd, a day before her Birthday. Her parents came out on the 3rd as well so we got to spend time with them for a few days before the DNN conference started up. During those few days we went and saw "KA" at the MGM, took a trip out to the Hoover Dam. After the Hoover Dam we took a quick jaunt North of Las Vegas looking for Red Rock, only to figure out an hour north that Red Rock was actually West of Las Vegas, so we turned around and headed back towards LV. It turned out perfect though, our little detour had delayed us enough to see the most brilliant sunset I've ever seen from Red Rock. Monday I had a DNN Core Team lunch, and then came back to the hotel to go with Natalie and meet Rich and Henry (two owners of Engage Software) and their wives for dinner and drinks. We repeated that process on Tuesday evening after the conference as well. Wednesday evening Natalie and I went to a gathering of people at Mix In Las Vegas, the restaurant on the 64th floor of "THEHotel" which is attached to the Mandalay Bay. The dinner was great and I must once again thank Tracy from www.t-worx.com for the most excellent evening. Thursday evening a large group of us, 17, got together for dinner. We met up in the bar at the Mandalay Bay and then decided to take Taxis down to the Venetian. Somehow we all actually made it to the same place and got to eat dinner together at one restaurant. It was a great time and I got to talk to Erik quite a bit, hopefully talking him into trying to get me to speak at SDC in the Netherlands next September! One can only hope :) Friday Natalie and I took off by ourselves for once. We went to Grand Canyon West, with the main goal of getting out onto the SkyWalk (www.grandcanyonskywalk.com). It was roughly 120 miles from the hotel, though took 2.5 hours as there was 14 miles of dirt/gravel road. The funny thing (well one of them) about the road, this 14 mile stretch was County maintained, as soon as we got to the Indian reservation grounds the road became paved... We were in Minivan for the trip, it was what you might call dirty at the end of the day. Lucky for the Minivan it didn't have a handbrake, just a footbrake/e-brake, otherwise I would have had an easier time getting the tail end of the car to swing out around the corners. We had a good time at Grand Canyon West, even though I have a little beef with the operation they have running there. The SkyWalk is very cool, and you essentially have to pay $79/person to get out on the SkyWalk. They don't allow you to take any personal items out there, for fear of you dropping them on the glass, or worse over the edge into the Canyon below. So you can't take a camera out there with you, they of course will gladly take your photo for you and sell it to you for $25/each. We ended up buying 2 photos, so we got the third one free. But they can only print them, not give them to you on CD, or even email them to you. The prints weren't what I would acll the highest of quality. I'm hoping I can email the staff there and try to get better quality photos from them. Friday evening we returned back to Vegas and went to see "O" at the Bellagio. It was another great show, definitely worth the investment to go see if you're in Vegas anytime soon. Saturday morning we headed back to the airport and flew back to St. Louis. We got home around 7pm and pretty much crashed. Sunday I headed out with Nick and went hunting. It might be deer season here in Missouri but I was hunting bugs, one particular blue one that I hear rumored to still be around Alton Illinois. Our hunt was not fruitful, we didn't find my old Super Beetle, but I will keep hunting. Sunday evening we joined Dominique and Colby for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory to...
Chris Hammond
I posted a lot of photos we took yesterday and today. Quite a few of Natalie and I, as well as the fire in the sky we got to see for a Sunset Today. http://www.flickr.com/photos/chammond/sets/72157602928388453/   ...
Chris Hammond
In honor of the 2007 World Series I figured I'd link to my pictures I took at Game 4 of the 2004 World Series! http://www.flickr.com/photos/chammond/sets/72157594541829383/ And how could I forget all the photos I took at Opening day of this year at...
Chris Hammond
So far I've had a decent time in Washington DC. I've spent most of the time working, but tonight I got to get out for a few minutes. Check out some of my photos in the DC Flickr Set. Tomorrow night if I can get through all of the training topics I need to cover I've purchased a ticket to go to the Red Sox game vs the...
Chris Hammond
I took a lot of photos this weekend, and have posted some of them over on my Flickr account. Check them out!Photos from the Gateway Cup race in Lafayette Square Friday Night are here.A few of the hundreds of photos I took at the Airshow are...
Chris Hammond
I'll be hitting at least two of these events, though I'll probably end up at at least three of them before the weekend is over.St. Louis County Fair and Air Show (I'll be there to take photos and relive being a kid)The Gateway Cup (I'll be there taking photos of some friends racing)Gateway To Nationals (I should be racing, but am not this year)Midwest Z Fest (If I had the 73 ready I'd go)I'm sure there's plenty of other events going on, feel free to post up your own for this weekend in St....
Chris Hammond
http://www.stltoday.com/stltoday/entertainment/stories.nsf/visitstlouis/story/C61BD6C5C8AFE26C862571DA007E213B?OpenDocumentThere's an article about this year's Gateway Cup races over labor day weekend here in St. Louis, the photo in the article though is a shot of my brother Greg. He came out for the races in 2003 and 2004, but not last year and won't be attending this year.I'll be there this weekend however shooting photos, you can see some of my previous year's photos by following the links below.Previous Year's Photos2004 http://chrishammond.com/photos/old/category1078.aspx2005 http://chrishammond.com/photos/2005_gateway_cup/default.aspxI'm also working on putting the photos from past years up on Flickr, stay tuned as I may change the above...
Chris Hammond
The new ride is now rolling on 20s! Why you might ask? Because they were a great deal at the time of purchase. I have these wheels and the stock set of wheels/tires to put back on when the weather turns for the worse.Between the 5 cars in the driveway/garage there are 20 wheels and tires on the ground, that's in addition to the 12 extra wheels for the 350Z all with tires on them, plus the 7 extra tires for the 350Z and 4 wheels/tires for Tahoe.That makes for a total 36 wheels and 43 tires in my household. Add 2 more to each of those if you count the wheels/tires for the Scooter! posted from...
Chris Hammond
I've posted two photos so far, from the Dodgers Game today, though I have a few hundred more photos to post over the next few days. Posting them over on...
Chris Hammond
Had a blast surfing today. Natalie and Mom came out and watched, took pics. I'll try to get the pics up tomorrow, but not likely to get them up till we get back in town. Nat and I are both roasted, hopefully we don't peel too bad! More on all we've been doing...
Chris Hammond
http://www.slate.com/id/2146218/?GT1=8483 I'll be damned if I'm throwing them out though. Someday they'll be worth something again! I...
Chris Hammond
Well, I'm finally back from my trip to Denver, it was a long weekend, but lots of fun at the same time. I'll start at the beginning and try to cover all of the events. A few weeks ago a client asked if myself and Brian from Engage Software (my employer) could come out and give them some assistance with DotNetNuke, as well as begin to cover a few large projects they wanted to get started on. I requested that we arrange the meeting around the time of the Denver ProSolo. They were kind enough to fly me out on Friday instead of Sunday, so that I could attend the ProSolo, and then Brian and I could meet with them on Monday. Friday afternoon I flew from St. Louis to Denver on Frontier Airlines, it was a bumpy flight, but direct into Denver and on time. I arrived in Denver and picked up my Hertz rental car, a convertible V6 Mustang. I immediately headed over to the event site, also located on airport grounds. After about 2 hours of walking around talking to folks I found a ride in ASP, in a 04 Z06. Aaron Boltman was kind enough to let me drive his car for the event. I walked the course far more than usual with Chris K. and Matt G (The STL Boys). Friday evening we (Me, Chris and Matt) went out to the little diner near the Airport. They had what looked like the greatest milkshakes ever, but dared not try one, being that when I'm out of town I seem to develop a lactose intollerence. Saturday morning I got out to the event site early, met up with Aaron and then walked the courses a time or two. Come 7:30am I hear an announcement over the PA that BStock is nolonger making a class, they had 7 drivers originally but it appears only 4 showed up. Around 8am, right before the deadline Eric Jones asked me if I'd switch to BStock and drive his RX-8 so that they could have a complete class. With the thought of getting to try an RX-8 and run in BS, my usual class, I jumped at the opportunity. Apologies for Aaron for not driving his car, but I really do appreciate the kind offer. Having never driven an RX-8 I was hoping to see what all the hype was about. Saturday runs weren't all that interesting. Out of the 8 runs I took, 4 were redlights. Dan Pedroza was announcing and was on me about RL'ing all the runs. So my last two runs I managed to not RL and get decent times, after both the morning and afternoon sessions I managed to stay in 4th place, out of 5. I was sort of dissapointed in the RX-8s, I have become addicted to cars with Torque, and the RX-8 definitely lacks that. Though, driving an 8 was, I believe, good experience and hopefully training, as you have to drive them and try to maintain as much speed as possible. I have the bad habit of overbraking and powering out of corners, which a car with torque allows you to do. So hopefully if I got anything from the weekend it was the ability to maintain more speed when I'm driving the 350Z, thus making me faster! Saturday evening the STL boys headed to Denver for dinner at the Wyncoop Microbrewery and then spent a couple hours walking around the downtown bar area. We had a few drinks at a place I believe called the Sports Club. We ended up heading back to the hotels around 11pm Saturday evening to get some rest for Sunday morning. Sunday morning I improved quite a bit, I think I picked up nearly a second overall on the two courses, but not nearly enough to catch Jones who managed to take the win in BS. I barely held onto 4th as Mauro (sp?) got close to me, and I came fairly close to BJ in 3rd position. Brian took second just a few thousands back from Eric if I recall correctly. Late Sunday morning I started trying to figure out what I was going to do Sunday afternoon. I needed to pick up Brian at 7:50pm, so I had from about noon to do whatever I wanted. I was talking to Adam Breakey from www.autocrossforum.com and he mentioned he was in town until he got his flight Monday morning. After deciding I wanted to head to Pike's Peak I asked Adam if he wanted to ride up with me. We...
Chris Hammond
Well, it's been just over two months since I picked up the Project 240Z from Krekeler. Today I successfully pulled the motor and transmission from the car. It took me a few hours today, in some of the hottest weather of the year. If you watch in the video below you'll see I aim the fan at me whenever I move around the car :) Also in the video, you may not notice, but before the motor comes all the way out of the car the front end of the car gets lowered. I had intended to lower this manually when I was ready, but the car decided it was ready to be lowered while I was pulling on the motor. Luckily I wasn't near the car, and I left the wheels/tires on it so the car just slipped off the front jack stands and onto the ground. It worked out perfectly, dropped the car down just enough to everything free and clear. Enough banter, here's the video!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKmMYhwZrMU   posted from...
Chris Hammond
Here's a quick video of me out in the garage today. Funny to watch, though not much progress to be seen.   posted from...
Chris Hammond
I finally got the 293 opening day photos posted! Here are a few of the "good" ones, though I didn't go through them all.   Me walking into Cheers Me and Auntie Carol after the...
Chris Hammond
Opening Day At Fenway! That's where I'm headed in a few minutes! Lots of pictures to...
Chris Hammond
If you're watching the Olympics this year, I hope you're watching it in HD! It's amazing watching so far in HD on NBC or on...


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