SpecFRS loaded up for travel

Wow, what a week! Last Wednesday I loaded up the SpecFRS onto a borrowed trailer and left St. Louis the following morning to drive to Lincoln Nebraska for spring Nationals, 4 days of racing. The drive out was uneventful, spent it trying to listen to old “The Forward” podcasts, I’m not a huge podcast guy, even though I used to have my own back in the day, but I’ve been trying to listen to Armstrong’s podcast from the beginning, long drives are about the only time I can actually listen to it.

The TireRack has announced that they have sold their 100th SSC kit! I have some insider knowledge that says they sold it before the Spring Nationals, but the announcement just came out today via the SoloMatters newsletter (hey look at that screenshot, who is that?)!

If you haven’t tried SSC out yet, you are missing out! This class is the future of Solo!

Speaking of Spring Nationals, stay tuned for our write up, we’re still trying to get caught up, but it should be up later this week!

On July 18th, 2018, ClubReady will be deprecating support for non-secure HTTP requests to the ClubReady Public API, found at https://www.clubready.com/api/current/ 
After this date you will no longer be able to make requests to ClubReady end points with the HTTP protocol.
All requests need to be modified before this date to utilize the HTTPS via TLS 1.2. Earlier versions of TLS (1.0, and 1.1) are no longer supported due to security vulnerabilities.

Live Test On June 27th

ClubReady will be testing this change in production, for 2 hours, starting at 1pm Central Time on Wednesday June 27th, 2018. This will allow us to implement the change, and log any requests that come in during that time so that we can identify requests that haven't been properly updated. If you haven't changed your calls by this date, any calls during this time frame will fail.

Does this impact me?

That question is best answered with another question, do you utilize the ClubReady API in any way? Typically this is done via a third party piece of software, an integration, that puts Leads from your website into your ClubReady application, or perhaps a Mobile app that uses the ClubReady for scheduling. If you haven't developed a custom tool to add leads into ClubReady, or a custom website to perform sales within ClubReady's API you likely don't have anything to worry about.

Why is ClubReady making this change?

To further enhance security of our systems, and your data, we are proactively making this change. 

What if I'm using a different API?

If you are using http://www.clubready.com/api this change will impact you just the same. We also recommend that you change your API path to be https://www.clubready.com/api/current/ for all future requests.

SSC Cars in Impound waiting for the Challenges

In short, WOW. What an amazing weekend.

I went into the weekend hopeful that I would drive the car well, and that I would be able to prove to myself that I can hang with the big dogs. I’ve been autocrossing for a long time (with a few gaps in between) and while I’ve had some spurts of random success outside of St. Louis, I have never felt confident that I could do it repeatedly. The idea of SSC, a Spec class in Solo, was very intriguing to me, as I wanted to try to rule out “I don’t have the right car”, from the equation.

The weekend started out with me leaving St. Louis just after 1pm due to a company all hands meeting. I ended up getting down to Arkansas Aeroplex in Blytheville just after 5pm on Friday evening. I parked the car and met up with my co-driver for the weekend, Kevin Dietz out of Washington state. We discussed if there was a chance to do practice starts, or take a shot at the practice course. The practice starts were wrapping up, so I quickly unloaded the car and headed over. We ended up taking 7 practice runs between the two of us, and found the car to be rather pushy.

So one of the ways to help supplement the cost of autocross at a National level with the SCCA is to participate in their contingency programs. There are a variety of contingency options available, depending on:

  • What make of car you drive
  • What class you run in
  • What tires you run
  • What programs you register for

You should check out the SCCA Autocross Contingency page to see which options are available to you, and which will work for your particular class/car.

What’s the catch with contingencies? Well, you typically (almost always) have to run your vehicle with the sponsors decals on the vehicle.

Spec FR-S Decked Out

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