Skating at Creve Couer Lake

So most of my friends seem to think that running is healthier than inline skating, but I'm not sure the numbers, at least for me, add up to that.

I went to Creve Couer Lake tonight and did another workout from the Lakehouse, around the outer loop back to the lake house. I skated for 25:31, with a brief stop to adjust my skate to try and avoid my ankle pain.

In that 25:31 I went 4.83 miles, with an average pace of 5:17 min/mil, or 11.4mph, and according to my Forerunner 305 I burned 860 calories.

The most calories I've ever burned running were 591, in 41:11, at a pace of 12:38 min/mil and 4.8mph.

So, at least for me, skating looks to burn more calories. I think that is because when I skate I push harder, and keep my heart rate up for longer periods of time, versus when I run I walk for a while and my heart rate comes back down. Check out the following two links, on the left under activity dashboard you'll see a heart rate link.

Here's a link to today's workout.

A run at Kirkwood Middle School back in February

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Good job on the activity. I was just out there on Sunday (Creve Couer park) riding my bike for a couple hours.
Posted By: Brian Schwartz on Friday, April 25, 2008 5:02 PM

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