A Hundred Pushups

Earlier today while browsing Twitter (the INETA folks got me started on it a few weeks ago) I saw a message from Joe Brinkman about www.hundredpushups.com. Being that I was at work, I decided to read about the site (putting off work of course) (hi Rich, how's Florida? for the uninformed Rich is my boss). After reading about the site I though, wow, I should do that!

So here's the basic premise. First step, you "test" yourself, see how many pushups you can do from the get go, then, for the next 6 weeks there is a program you follow to build up your numbers, over those weeks you end up testing yourself again and adjusting the program as you go along, with the ultimate goal of being able to do 100 pushups in a row.

So I've started, today is day Zero, I did my "test" and will attempt to do Day 1 tomorrow. For my test I did 20 pushups, I should have pushed myself further, I figure I may have been able to do 2 to 3 more tops. Based on the numbers in my test I am supposed to do the following for Week1 10-10-8-6-7+ tomorrow, 12-12-10-10-10+ on day 2 and day 3 15-13-10-10-15+.


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