FitFeb Contest Update Day 2

So this morning I was down 4lbs from my starting weight, down to ~259.9lbs. I figure getting down to 250lbs will be fairly easy, controlling my diet alone will probably get me there by the middle of the month if not earlier. I was 250lbs most of the summer, I think the trip to Vegas did that in last November. To win the contest though I need to do more than that, my personal goal for the end of the month is 240lbs, with 225lbs the goal for June 6th when the book is due to be published.

So today after class I went to the YMCA again and walked another 3 miles today at a pace of under 15 minutes/mile, faster than yesterday’s three miles.

I’ll be hitting the YMCA again tomorrow, perhaps before work this time? We sorta turned the alarms off and slept in this morning ;)

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