CjhControls Web Controls Release for Community Server

I've released the first version of the CjhControls for CommunityServer 1.1.

You can download the Zip file from here.

This first release just has the Cjh:RssWriter writer control included. I'll have another release next week with a few more options on board.

Check out the readme file for instructions on how to use the control.

Cjh:RssWriter allows you to place a control on a page that will read an RSS feed and an XML Transformation file and then display the RSS feed on the page based on the transformation file.

Recent Comments

Hi Chris, I like your RSS control. I started one a while back that used a tree view and display control. My ultimate goal was to have an admin page so that members could subscribe to their own RSS feeds. Right now it uses some other controls or treeview and display, I'd like to eventually remove that.

Would you be interested on working on this together?

you can view it in action here: http://blogs.gilbertz.org/RssReader/
you can get the code here: http://blogs.gilbertz.org/forums/26/ShowForum.aspx
Posted By: Anonymous Poster on Thursday, June 16, 2005 7:54 AM
BTW - email is gilbert [at] home [dot] gilbertz [dot] org
Posted By: Anonymous Poster on Thursday, June 16, 2005 8:08 AM

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