Speaking at the STL .Net Users group meeting on Monday.

I'm making another brief appearance at the St. Louis .Net User's Group meeting on Monday the 27th. I'll be giving a brief overview of dotnetnuke 3.1.

Though, their web site appears to be down right now.

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Our site his hosted by www.securewebs.com. On the 26th we received a message telling us why our site was down on the 22nd:

"The outages last week were attributed to a fiber cut by a backhoe operator in the town of Deer Park, north of Spokane, Washington. Does someone digging up communication links to tens of thousands of people have a clue as to how unpopular they just made themself?"

Needless to say, we're back up and running now.

Posted By: Anonymous Poster on Wednesday, June 29, 2005 9:36 PM

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