St. Louis Region SCCA Region Board Of Directors Election

The election for the St. Louis Region of the Sports Car Club of America is ending this Sunday, November 15th. If you're a St. Louis region member you can vote online at

I am running for an at large position on the board of directors and would appreciate your vote!

I joined the St. Louis Region of the SCCA back in the spring of 2000, fresh out of college and looking to take part in motorsports activities. I have spent the past 20 years as a member, primarily in the St. Louis Region with a jaunt out west for a few years.

I've participated in Solo, Rallycross, Road Rally and Road Racing at some point throughout my years within the region. My wife Natalie, and my two kids Jacqueline and Daniel are all members of the St. Louis Region as well.

I have been part of the SAC on multiple occasions and I regularly participate in National SCCA events and look forward to continuing that for many years to come. I bring a technical software/engineering background that I believe will help the region thrive as the world continues to drive forward with its digital growth. I am formerly a software engineer and have made the transition to running product teams and sales within organizations of all sizes, providing insight and skills that will help make educated, rational and beneficial decisions that the region needs made.

As a member of the region's Board of Directors I want to be an active part in making sure that our region's driving programs continue to provide outlets for drivers of all types, in safe and commercially viable ways.

I would appreciate your vote!

Thank you for your support,



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