Migrating to Community Server from DotText (.Text)

So I finally converted ChrisHammond.com from .Text and nGallery to the latest released version of CommunityServer. It didn't go over without a few hitches. The biggest problem I had was that the old links wouldn't work for the website, so all of the previously indexed pages for the website would be invalid, I'll document how I upgraded, and what I did to fix the issues in this thread, it's a work in progress.

  1. Setup a blank CS 1.0 database and installation site.
  2. Use the DotText to CommunityServer conversion tool
  3. Create a new Gallery in CommunityServer for the following step.
  4. Use the nGallery to CommunityServer Conversion tool.
  5. Upgraded from CS1.0 to CS1.1
  6. Used the siteUrl configuration tool from Ken.
    1. I setup single site with a single blog in the /blogs/ URL and multiple galleries.
  7. Modified the siteurl.config file.
    1. I had to add the following lines to the siteurl.config file to get the old archive links working properly.

 <url name = "oldweblogIndividualRss" location = "common" path="rss.aspx" pattern="rss.aspx" vanity="/blogs/rss.aspx?App=christoc" />
 <url name = "oldweblogday"   location = "common" path="/archive/{1}/{2}/{3}.aspx" pattern="archive/(\d{4})/(\d{1,2})/(\d{1,2})\.aspx" vanity="/blogs/day.aspx?App=christoc&amp;y=$1&amp;m=$2&amp;d=$3" />
 <url name = "oldweblogmonth" location = "common" path="/archive/{1}/{2}.aspx"     pattern="archive/(\d{4})/(\d{1,2})\.aspx" vanity="/blogs/month.aspx?App=christoc&amp;y=$1&amp;m=$2&amp;d=1" />
 <url name = "oldweblogpostId" location = "common" path="/archive/{1}/{2}/{3}/{4}.aspx" pattern="archive/(\d{4})/(\d{1,2})/(\d{1,2})/(\d+)\.aspx" vanity="/blogs/post.aspx?App=christoc&amp;y=$1&amp;m=$2&amp;d=$3&amp;PostID=$4" />
 <url name = "oldweblogpostcategory" location = "common" path="/archive/category/{1}.aspx" pattern="archive/category/(\d+)\.aspx" vanity="/blogs/postcategory.aspx?App=christoc&amp;CT=BlogPost&amp;CategoryID=$1" />
 <url name = "oldweblogarticlecategory" location = "common" path="/articles/category/{1}.aspx" pattern="articles/category/(\d+)\.aspx" vanity="/blogs/articlecategory.aspx?App=christoc&amp;CT=BlogArticle&amp;CategoryID=$1" />


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That's great, I never thought about Migrating to Community Server like that before.

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