HTTP Compression for IIS 6.0

I just went through and enabled HTTP Compression for the server that,, and various other websites run on. Now, I can't tell if the difference is noticable, or if I just think it's noticable? hmmm

Followed the instructions in this article for setting up HTTP Compression on IIS 6

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I've done the same thing on a few servers after reading that same article. And no - you're not imagining things - it makes browsing sites a LOT zippier :) You can verify it by checking complete headers or running an IE plugin that displays everything for each (and cumulative) requests. (commercial) or (freeware), etc. I imagine there are similar things for Firefox. There are a couple 'gotchas' still to watch though. If you're hosting software downloads (as in EXE setup files) you'll want to delete those entries from the metabase. I suppose those entries are still in IIS as a throwback to the days when people coded web sites in C or some other compiled language. (There are a few still around that use DLLs and EXEs.) Cheers!
Posted By: Anonymous on Wednesday, March 15, 2006 8:02 AM

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