Corvette Z06

Posts, photos, and videos of my 2004 Corvette Z06 that I owned for less than a year. It saw more autocross than any other car I've owned except for the first 350z.

Corvette Z06 Koni Shock Install

So today Nick and I spent most of the day working on the Corvette. We got the Koni Shocks from installed, the sway bar from, and the Hawk brake pads from Everything went rather well except for the following.

The shocks were a tad difficult to get installed because of the configuration of the suspension.

We lowered the car with the OEM ride height adjustment bolts. Well..... we thought we lowered it. Nick actually lowered the rear, I managed to raise the front. So I'll be correcting that tomorrow, and then we'll work on aligning the car. I hope to also work on getting the hoosiers mounted tomorrow.

I've got a TON of video from today to go through, perhaps I'll get it done after we finish watching "Miracle" on ABC tonight.

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