My Survivor TV Show application from the first season... Fall 1999

My Survivor TV Show application from the first season... Fall 1999

I hoard things, lots of things, especially digital things.

Apparently back in the fall of 1999 I decided to start filling out the application form for the CBS TV Show called Survivor, which was prepping for it's first season which ended up airing in May 2000.

I found this in a word document entitled "Survivor.doc" on my computer while playing around with NVIDIA's ChatRTX application.

Some funny things inside of this document.

1) I was still a student down at Rolla.

2) I mentioned my "long term girlfriend" and "probably be engaged by January" which is hilarious to me based on how that relationship went.

3) I had both a phone (cell) and pager number listed, along with a Fax number, which must of been a web based service because I have no idea where that area code is from.

4) I apparently never filled out the entire application or sent it in :D 

Take a look at the PDF, you can see some of the "rules" and requirements for the application process, as well as the answers I filled out.


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