K2 Radical Pro Men 2008

So it is getting to be that time, the weather is beautiful (well, minus the rain today) and I need to get outside and start exercising more. Last year I bought a pair of K2 Radical 100s, but after a while they started rubbing the bone on my ankle something fierce, to the point I couldn't skate a half mile without pain.

Well it's 2008, and I'm considering selling my Radical 100s and upgrading to the 2008 K2 Radical Pro. IMHO the Pro has a better looking boot, and also has a different wheel setup than the 100s. The two rear wheels are 110mm and the fronts 100mm, for a hi-lo setup.

I'll probably put my 2007 Radical 100s on Craigslist this week to see if there is any local interest, and if not I'll put them up on Ebay this coming weekend.

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