Lazy Mondays

So today’s blog post is going to be boring one, but hey, it’s my blog right?

Was up late last night, working on a variety of things, but mainly on homework. I’m now halfway through the assignments for my Money and Banking course, I need to get my midterm exam setup somewhere here in the area and get finished up with the rest of the assignments to do the final. I have to be done by the 8th of February, as that’s when my online course expires!

This morning I got up, had a smoothie for breakfast and then went to give the 350z some attention. I won’t say how long it has been since the oil was changed in it, except for that it has been far too long! So I cleaned up the garage a bit and made room to pull the car into the garage.

While under the car I took some time to clean up a few things, stare at the stock sway bar and try to recall what we used in the past. I think Andy and I settled on the Hotchkis sway bar on the old 350z, so I’ll likely order the Hotchkis setup for this one. Since I won’t be running in a stock class for autocross I should be able to use both the front and the rear setup.

After getting the oil changed I took some time to vacuum out the car, much needed. Here’s a car care tip for everyone. If you want to clean carpet or floor mats, I’d encourage investing in a good stiff brush, it is a must for getting crap out of the carpet. Works great on pet hair too.

After cleaning up and getting the garage back in order (sorta) I came inside to spend some time with the baby and started reading my NerdKits manual (NerdKits USB Microcontroller Electronics Starter Kit). I’m hoping to start putting it together, or at least looking at it more, tonight.

I took some video of the baby, edited it, and have it uploaded to Vimeo, though with Vimeo I have to wait for it to process. That sucks about the free Vimeo, but I don’t feel I should pay for personal stuff like this. I could upload the baby videos to YouTube instead, and I might start that, but I can’t decide if I should clutter my YouTube account with everything, or keep it limited to cars and work stuff? What are your thoughts? Keep the personal stuff on Vimeo and the car stuff on YouTube? Or mix them together on YouTube?

After playing around with the video I decided it was time to break out an axe. I got my Ibanex Bass guitar out and played for about 15 minutes. Not long, but longer than I’ve played in the past year. I have to do that more often Smile

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