Skating again, or at least, I was

So I was hoping to get going on my fitness goals for the year this weekend. To recap from my 1/1/11 blog post, I would like to bike 500 miles, and inline skate at least 100 miles.

As of right now getting the bike anywhere to ride will be difficult because I don’t want to put it in the CX-7 and we don’t have a bike rack yet (hopefully soon). So I decided to skate, the first time in quite a while. I went out yesterday to Redwood Shores and skated on the path there near Oracle’s headquarters. I skated 5 miles, just under 29 minutes total, not bad considering I haven’t done anything in quite a while, but not great for my past times. But I wanted to get out and do it, get the pain over and done with so I can skate on a more regular basis.

So today I went out again, this time taking Natalie and the baby so they could walk while I skated. I went to put my boots on and uh oh, rip.

K2 Radical Pro, Broken Strap

That picture is of the upper cuff of one of the boots, where there was once a loop for a Velcro strap to go through, it tore completely off. These are on my 2009 K2 Radical Pros which I blogged about when I got them in July of 2009.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to fix these properly or not, I’ve submitted a warranty request through K2, I’m hoping they come back with something useful. Otherwise I’ll see if I can’t repair it myself, though it utilizes a rivet, which will be hard for me to replace…

Instead of skating I decided to just walk with Natalie, though that was a mistake, at least doing so in Crocs without socks on. I made it about .6 miles before taking the crocs off and walking bare foot back to the car!

I would point to my Garmin Connect data from the skate yesterday, but apparently Garmin Connect has been down all day and so far there are no signs of it coming back up!

Fitness Stats Year to Date:
(not entirely accurate because at time of posting Garmin Connect is down and I can’t generate the report)
Skated - ~5miles
Biked – 0miles
Biked – ~3.5 miles

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