50 Miles for the week

That’s my goal for this week, to ride 50 miles. In all honesty, it isn’t that much, but I can with about 99% confidence say that I have never ridden a bike 50 miles in one week. Yesterday afternoon I went for a ride up Highway 1 to Moss Beach, and then over towards the ocean. My first time really climbing on a bike. It wasn’t much of a climb, but according to my Garmin I did gain 1,118ft in elevation, far more than any other ride as of late.

I rode about 14 miles yesterday, and managed to get up on the other side of Pillar Point, I took a few photos, which I think turned out rather cool considering they were on my phone or point and shoot. Moss Beach Moss Beach

I then did some downhill mountain biking, or at least what I will call it, which was a totally new experience! Fun though. I managed 14.67 miles yesterday.

Today after work I went for a ride, again to Pillar Point, but this time my normal route, coming up from the south side (yesterday I came in from the north). The pictures weren’t as cool, but I didn’t plan to ride for 1:30 like I did yesterday. To and from Pillar Point is ~10 miles from our house, though I did side track a bit after reaching my destination, heading down a dirt path out under the point to the beach. I did 10.73 miles total.

Today's bike ride view Today's bike ride view

So, 2 days down for the week, and I’m at 25.40 miles. As long as I get 2 more rides in I shouldn’t have any problem hitting my goal before Sunday. Hopefully!

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