Rocket League Tips–How to be a good teammate



This is the first in what could potentially be multiple Rocket League Tip blog posts, we’re going to start off with a simple one, be a good team. Let’s talk about HOW to be a good teammate, maybe in a future post we’ll talk about WHY, though it should be obvious.

  • Talk to your teammates at Kickoff. Be sure to let your teammate know what your intentions are. Are you going for the Ball? (I Got It!), or are you going to sit back and guard the goal? (Defending). One thing to NEVER do at a kickoff is say you (Need boost!), read the next item for why.
  • Never, ever, never ever, start a kickoff by running off to get Boost. You are a horrible teammate if you run off and grab boost on the kickoff. Either defend, take the kickoff, or wait for the person taking the kickoff and look for scraps, but NEVER run and get boost right away.
  • Thank your Teammate. If a teammate makes a great goal, say (Nice Shot)! If they make a great pass, say (Great pass)! If someone gives you props, say “Thanks!” or “No problem!”. Give and get thanks, it will make you a better teammate.
  • Learn how to Rotate. As a good teammate, you should be able to get in, and get out, of a position quickly. If you don’t have momentum on your vehicle, you’re going to have a hard time getting power on the call. One way to handle this is to rotate away from the ball, head to the opposite side of the field, let your teammate rotate in, they can carry their momentum in and use that power on the ball. As you move up in the ranks you’ll notice that this is a skill that the upper ranks will use regularly. Learn it.

What are your favorite "be a good teammate" tips for Rocket League?

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