Insteon Hub Failure Number 2

So it has been just over 2.5 years since my Last Insteon Hub (2) has failed, and my replacement hub has now also failed. It started slowly, first not responding to all requests, but responding to some. Over the past few days it has become impossible to connect to the hub, and yesterday it finally started losing the LED light altogether, meaning it doesn’t appear to be powered on.

If I unplug the power and plug it back in, the LED will light up red, but after a minute or less, the LED just shuts off now.

I’ve reached out to Insteon to see if they will provide support, even though it is outside of the two year window, we shall see how that goes.

Original Post for the first failure.

Even if they do replace it, I’ve started looking at other controller options, I have enough Insteon hardware in this house that I want to try to keep it functional, but I hope to find what comes next for all the wall switches I haven’t yet made smart.

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