Adding Ubiquiti Cameras into BlueIris with RTSP

I really struggled far more than I should have in order to add my Ubiquiti Cameras into BlueIris, the goal of this post is to make it easier for you, to avoid the frustration I just went through.

TL;DR change to RTSP instead of RTSPS, change the port to 7447 and remove “?enableStrp”

So what’s the deal? Well, Ubiquiti cameras running in a managed state in Unifi Protect can enable RTSP, but by default Ubiquiti utilizes RTSPS, and BlueIris, as of May 2022, doesn’t appear to support the secure format. UniFi also makes all the RTSPS streams run from the gateway’s default IP address, instead of individual IPs for each device.

Configure RTSP in UniFi Protect

So in order to configure RTSP you need to:

  1. Navigate to your UniFi Protect instance
  2. Navigate to the devices area
  3. Choose your device (camera)
  4. Click on Settings.
  5. Expand Advanced
  6. Enable one of the options (High/Medium/Low)
  7. Click on the link icon to COPY the link, you’ll get something like this copied to your clipboard
    1. rtsps://

Add Ubiquiti Camera in BlueIris

Next you are going to need to add a Camera in BlueIris.

  1. Add the Camera in BlueIris
  2. Right click on the Camera and choose settings
  3. Click on the Video Tab
  4. Click on the Network IP option
  5. Click the Configure button
  6. In the first dropdown choose “rtsp://”
  7. Paste your URL copied from Step 7 in the UniFi Protect instructions above
  8. Change the URL
    1. Remove rtsps://
    2. change the port :7441 to :7447
    3. Remove “?enableSrtp”
    4. Your URL should now look something like
    5. Change the Media/video/RTSP port to 7447
    6. Click OK to save the Network IP settings
    7. Click OK to update the camera settings

Boom! Hopefully it worked for you. The thing that took me forever to figure out was the appropriate port to use, 7447, instead of 7441 or 554.

Add a comment below if this worked for you!

Recent Comments

This works great. Thank you. I'd like to add that after adding, If the Unifi cameras are cycling between an error display and a screenshot, keep right clicking the camera until you are able to edit the camera and in the settings disable the audio feed. The edit camera may be grayed out initially.

Posted By: Drew mccallum on Jun 2022

Has anyone figured out how to get the audio to work?

Posted By: Brad Peschel on Jul 2022

this worked for me. thank you

Posted By: Jay P. on Aug 2022
Thank you! I've been trying to add Ubuquity cameras to a QNAP QVR system, and this may just have saved the rest of what little hair I have left.
Posted By: Chay Wesley on Oct 2022
How to Port or Firewall through to WAN? I need to view, in Houston, my Dream Machine Pro SE, from Michigan, via RTSP. The App isn't what we use, as most of our camera systems are Invid and Hikvision, with a smattering of Dream Machine Protect cameras, but just can't get the Port 7447 or 7441 (rtsp or rtsps) with or without ?enab....
Posted By: Brant D on Oct 2022

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