Viva Las Vegas! OpenForce07 is almost here

Well it's Sunday the 4th of November, my wife's birthday. Where are we spending it? In Las Vegas! The DotNetNuke Conference, OpenForce07 starts on Tuesday here at the Mandalay Bay so we came out to Vegas a few days early. Last night we went to see KA at the MGM, it was awesome. Not quite as good as La Reve that we saw at the Wynn two years ago, but still a great show.

Today we're going to do some site seeing and then have dinner with her folks again. The rest of the week is DotNetNuke related.

If you're in Vegas for DevConnections/OpenForce be sure to checkout my session on Wednesday "DotNetNuke Administration Best Practices". I'm looking forward to the conference as a whole, as well as getting to speak at my first "big" conference. I've presented at Tulsa Tech Fest the past two years (5 sessions) and multiple user groups all over the country, but this is my first big conference.

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Las Vegas I here I come! Should touch down around 2:30... see you soon!
Posted By: Anonymous on Sunday, November 4, 2007 11:13 PM

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