Home Automation - Thermostat control for your computer

Here at the Home Automation blog we've been looking into options for how we can remotely control a thermostat in a home. We honestly haven't found a whole lot of information for solutions that we deem acceptable yet. It doesn't appear that the fine folks over at SmartHome.com have anything that runs on the Insteon network.

There appears to be an option or two supported by the X10 setup, though we haven't found any good information on how well it actually works, and with what software. Stay tuned as we look for more information relating to Thermostat controls for a home automation system, we're hoping to find an easy affordable solution that we will be able to test and recommend to anyone who is interested in such as setup.

UPDATE: This just in! A few days after I post this topic some of the guys from Smarthome made a forum post leaking some info about Thermostat adapters coming from them soon!

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