Smarthome Developer Kit Ordered!

Well, we took the time this evening to order a few things from SMARTHOME this evening. We ended up ordering the Hardwired SignaLinc Phase Coupler (Signal Bridge) as well as a INSTEON SwitchLinc Dimmer, White.  We hope to use the Phase Coupler to make sure that the power lines here in our test house don't have any problems at the breaker box.

We also ordered a Insteon developers kit which included the following items. The PowerLincâ„¢ Controller - USB-Based Home Automation Device should allow us to hookup the computer to the "network" and control all of our modules throughout the house as we add new items to the network. The INSTEON LampLinc Dimmer (2-Pin) is just a basic lamp module that should be a good start for an Insteon device in the house. We have quite a few X10 modules and hope that we can get the Powerlinc to control those modules without much hassle.

We'll let you know when the parts arrive and take photos as we go through the process of installation and testing!

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