SmartHome Developer Kit Ordered, Take 2

In the last post I made mention of the fact that I hadn't heard anything from SMARTHOME regarding my order which included in the USB version of the Insteon SDK.

Well I called SMARTHOME yesterday and they told me that they would be unable to fulfill that order because the USB version was not longer producted, so I cancelled the order. Today I called them again and learned that their Serial SDK was still available, though it was listed on the site as backorder.

I went ahead and placed my order again, this time for the Serial version of the SDK (2600S). I also ordered the Hardwired SignaLinc Phase Coupler (Signal Bridge) as well as a INSTEON SwitchLinc Dimmer, White again.

When checking out I selected "ship items as available" so that one item doesn't hold up the whole order. I checked my Visa card and they charged me for part of the order so I'm going to assume that tomorrow I'll get a shipping notification for at least some of the items!

The excitement is building!

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