Installed the Signalinc Coupler and all is well

The Signalinc is now installed in the breaker box downstairs, and now X-10 signals in my house work from my testing no matter what outlet the devices are plugged into.

I also got two X-10 wall light switches iconinstalled and tested. I did remember that you can’t run the mini florescent light bulbs off of these switches, I noticed an interesting buzzing sound when I first turned one on due to this. After a quick swap of the bulb all was well.

I also tested out an X-10 motion sensor iconthat I had in my box of X-10 devices, I imagine I purchased it in 2002 or 2003, if not earlier, put in some batteries and programmed it, boom it worked great! I did run into an issue with it though outside, if it was stuck to the side of the house, either on brick or siding, it wouldn’t work. But if I pulled it 1/8” away from the surface it worked well. I moved it into the garage and mounted it on the wall, it works fine in there, so I’ll test out different mounting techniques later on to see if it works in other environments.

Tomorrow I’m going to hook up Xmas lights and get them running on a schedule using the mControl Software that I installed earlier this weekend, that should make it easy to turn on/off the outdoor lights on a set schedule!

Here are some photos from the work today

Interior before installation Smarthome Coupler box Finished Interior Panel Finished Panel

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