DotNetNuke 6 beta released

DotNetNuke 6 is coming, DotNetNuke 6 is coming! That’s right, we’re getting close, close enough that we had our first “beta” for DNN6 today. While we’ve had a couple of CTP (community technology preview) releases, the beta today has quite a bit of things wrapped up and addressed.

There are a number of new things coming in DotNetNuke 6, and rather than try to explain them all I’ll point you to Joe Brinkman’s blog post from this morning.

The biggest thing is that most of the Admin and Module settings have seen a massive overhaul. Ideally, your website, to your visitors, shouldn’t change when you upgrade DotNetNuke (unless of course you want to make changes to your modules and use new features) but admins get to see all sorts of different things now, making administration of the platform easier to handle.

At this point we don’t promise an upgrade path from this beta to the released version of DNN6 in late July, so I wouldn’t recommend installing this on a production site right now, but  I would encourage you to test out an upgrade in a test environment. If you run into any trouble please be sure to post in the forums so we can try to assist and address any issues before release!

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