Two new releases for DotNetNuke 6

If you didn’t hear the news, DotNetNuke 6.0.1 was released yesterday, check out Joe’s blog post for more details.

On that note, I put out two new open source releases as well. I updated DNNSimpleArticle with a fix for DNN6 and made made a few other minor changes. As always, the module is released in C# and you can get the installable package, or the source package over on If you want to see the module in action check out

I also released an update for Multifunction, the World’s Best Free DotNetNuke Skin. It has a minor CSS fix for DNN6 (and 6.0.1). I also removed the custom actions menu it was using in favor of the new DotNetNuke 6 specific actions menu. MultiFunction is a C# skin, with both install and source packages available from

Be sure to rate both releases when you download!

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