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It is a very common question, and asked all over the place, twitter, the forums, blogs, etc. Who do you use for DotNetNuke Hosting? Well, I have recently spent some time moving all of my websites around, and figured I would do a quick post on what I am currently using for hosting.

For the past couple of years I have had my websites hosted on a server hosted at DataPipe. While this server has been rather great, it was way overkill for the websites that I’ve been managing. It also was available for an insane price for the past couple of years, I was basically splitting the costs with 3 or 4 other guys, and getting the most use out of the server as well.

Unfortunately that golden goose at DataPipe dried up and the server costs quadrupled, which just didn’t make sense anymore. So I started looking for a hosting service, and after talking with a few folks headed over to AppliedI.NET. They got my virtual server setup very quickly, with website panel to manage the websites, and SQL Server 2008 to host the databases.

Because I was coming from a server that also used website panel, things were very easy to move. The transfer speeds between the two servers, via FTP, were great, and I found that the biggest time waste I had in moving the websites was for the DNS to propagate!

I’m using Google Apps for my email for all the websites, so I had to just configure the settings for that with Godaddy who I use for my domain registrar, as well as the DNS hosting.

The server has been runny smoothly at AppliedI for a month and a half now. I did have one issue with the database backups, I ran out of disk space, but the support team at AppliedI saw the issue before it took anything down and emailed me about it so I could get things fixed!

So if you are looking for some great DotNetNuke Hosting be sure to give the team at a look, all my sites are there!

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