Corvette Z06

Posts, photos, and videos of my 2004 Corvette Z06 that I owned for less than a year. It saw more autocross than any other car I've owned except for the first 350z.

Corvette got a new coat of paint

Friday when I got home from work I noticed my windshield was extremely hard to see through, and couldn't figure out why. I got out of the car in the garage but couldn't see much, though it did not feel it's normal smooth self. In the garage I couldn't see much of anything, though it appeared something was also on the paint.

Fast forward through the weekend, Sunday evening same thing, windshield in the sunlight hard to see through.

This morning when I head off to work I look a little more closely at the paint, and find lots of little black dots, all over the car. They've been doing work here at the office on the outside of the building, and it looks like I got a nice coat of paint all over the car, tiny little dots, almost too small to see, but if you look close enough you can see them everywhere. I'm off to the body shop here over lunch to get a quote on what it will take to fix.

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