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Posts, photos, and videos of my 2004 Corvette Z06 that I owned for less than a year. It saw more autocross than any other car I've owned except for the first 350z.

Paint on the Corvette Update, 1 Week Later

So here we are a week later, and the Corvette still has paint on it. I got a quote from the Lou Fusz body shop to have the paint cleaned up and the car rewaxed. I then had 4 other cars here in the parking lot do the same, as they all had paint on the vehicles. Right now the paint guy is trying to have some guy come in from out of town who will do a mass cleaning on the cars on Thursday.

At this point I'm not down for this game, I would much rather have a shop I know working on my car than some random guy from Springfield Missouri touching it. I've put a call into the painting company to tell them this, and if they have a problem with it I will simply get my insurance company started on this claim. I'm pretty confident that they will cover the cost of getting the car cleaned up with the company I want to clean it, then they can deal with the painting company and that company's insurance.

We'll see how this turns out, but right now I am thinking this might quickly turn into a post for The Mad Blogger to handle if things aren't taken care of.

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