Dyson V6 Handheld Vacuum Stops after 5 to 10 seconds

For the last 6 months or more our Dyson V6 Handheld Vacuum has only worked for 5 to 10 seconds at a time. If you kept the trigger pressed down, it would "stop" after 5 or 10 seconds and wouldn't run again until you plugged into the wall charger for a few minutes.

I finally broke down and ordered a new battery from Amazon for our Dyson V6 hand held vacuum, the new unit arrived today. I put the new battery in, and even without charging it I was able to run the vaccum for 30+ seconds at the MAX setting, without the unit stopping. 


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I have exactly the same problem. I have a Dyson V6 (the SV05 model) Mine has had very little use too
Posted By: Peter Davies on Sep 2022

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