Why you should go to OpenForce07

Here's a quick list of why you should go to the OpenForce07 conference in Las Vegas in November 2007! Feel free to copy the list and create your own.

  1. OpenForce07 is the first DotNetNuke specific conference
  2. Vegas Baby, Vegas
  3. Meet the Core Team
  4. Mandalay Bay
  5. DevConnections
  6. Asp.net Connections
  7. SQL Connections
  8. I'll be there!
  9. It's Vegas, how can you say no?

Don't forget, if you can't make it to Vegas you should try to make it to OpenForce Europe in September!

Registration is open, so start bugging your bosses, get them to foot the bill for your trip! It will be a great time for anyone who uses DotNetNuke, either as an administrator, content editor, or developer. There is plenty of information to learn with the best resources in the business there to learn it from!

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