2011 Nissan Leaf

For a brief moment in time I owned the 105th Nissan Leaf built and shipped to the USA. The posts below are about my Leaf adventure.

Nissan Leaf Posts

Nissan surpasses 8k registrations for the new Leaf

The word from HybridCars.com is that the Nissan Leaf has surpassed 8000 registrations! That's exciting to see! Though I'm curious to see how many of those registrations actually go through and become purchases? How many of those people are just trying to hold a spot in line and sell their opportunity to the highest bidder?

They also link to another article they posted about problems with the registration process that they themselves experienced. I'm glad to see that I didn't experience any of those problems, had I, I may not own this domain name and have things setup for this website. I'm going to keep digging for more Leaf news, if you're up for posting news as well let me know, I can distribute the permissions! 

UPDATE: Engadget has also picked up this story now as well, here's their post.

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