2011 Nissan Leaf

For a brief moment in time I owned the 105th Nissan Leaf built and shipped to the USA. The posts below are about my Leaf adventure.

Nissan Leaf Posts

When is your Leaf Charging Appointment?

So the Nissan Leaf Charging assessment appointments are starting up next week (as far as we know) and we are interested in hearing from you how things go.

We are having our inspection on 7/1, will be taking pictures and tweeting all the action on @leafowner. We expect to get an estimate in the range of $2k-$3k for the installation, fortunately the breaker is right in the garage on the front wall, and we are hoping that makes things easier and cheaper!

Do you have an earlier appointment? If so let us know, we're love to hear from you when it occurs, as would the rest of the users here on LeafOwner.com. What are you expecting from the appointment?

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