2011 Nissan Leaf

For a brief moment in time I owned the 105th Nissan Leaf built and shipped to the USA. The posts below are about my Leaf adventure.

Nissan Leaf Posts

Plugin 2010 Review

Myself and a buddy headed down to Plugin2010's public night down in San Jose this evening. To be honest, there wasn't much to be learned there, though there were a few interesting things to see.

They had the usual blue Leaf that has been around California a few times now (I've tracked it down and photo graphed it twice), though tonight was a little different. There were no red ropes this time, so people could get right up on the car. It was mostly unlocked, but they weren't too happy when people opened the doors (I swear I didn't! but saw a few try). The car was cleaner than when it was out on display in the open as I've seen it before, though had a number of finger prints on it by the end of the night. They also had the various accessory lights on, see some of my photos for those.

Nissan also had a battery pack on display, that was cool to see. 
Nissan Leaf Battery Pack IMG_5501

In addition to the Nissan info, there was an AV Charger there on display, I got a number of photos from that.
IMG_2491 IMG_2489 

In addition to the AV charger on display there were a TON of other chargers available. I talked to one of the Coulomb Tech reps for a bit (I think he was a founder of the company) and he seemed to talk like their charging units (mainly the free ones) would only be made available to the GM/Ford/Smart car buyers, not to Nissan Leaf buyers, but we'll see how that plays out. Since they are local I am hoping to reach out to them again soon and see what more info they can provide.

Check out all of the rest of the photos posted from the night

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