2011 Nissan Leaf

For a brief moment in time I owned the 105th Nissan Leaf built and shipped to the USA. The posts below are about my Leaf adventure.

Nissan Leaf Posts

Nissan Announced Arrive and Drive scheduled for the Leaf

If you're interested in test driving a Nissan Leaf get ready. Nissan just posted a schedule for events that you can sign up to drive the cars. You have to RSVP, and it doesn't look like all the events are open yet.


choose a tour stop

click on view details for more information about the tour stop and schedule your Nissan LEAF™ drive time

tour stop state city dates  
AltCar Expo CA Santa Monica 10.1.2010 - 10.3.2010 view details
Orange County Auto Show CA Anaheim 10.8.2010 - 10.10.2010 view details
NTC Promenade CA San Diego 10.15.2010 - 10.17.2010 view details
Westfield Century City CA Los Angeles 10.22.2010 - 10.24.2010 view details
Dean Karnazes Silicon Valley Marathon CA San Jose 10.29.2010 - 10.31.2010 view details
SolarWorld OR Hillsboro 11.5.2010 - 11.7.2010 view details
Westfield Southcenter WA Seattle 11.12.2010 - 11.14.2010 view details
San Francisco International Auto Show CA San Francisco 11.20.2010 - 11.28.2010 view details
Tempe Festival of the Arts AZ Tempe 12.3.2010 - 12.5.2010 view details
4th Avenue Winter Street Fair AZ Tucson 12.10.2010 - 12.12.2010 view details
The Domain TX Austin 12.17.2010 - 12.19.2010 view details
coming soon TX Houston 1.7.2011 - 1.9.2011
coming soon TX Dallas 1.14.2011 - 1.16.2011
coming soon FL Jacksonville 1.21.2011 - 1.23.2011
coming soon FL Miami 1.28.2011 - 1.30.2011
coming soon FL Orlando 2.4.2011 - 2.6.2011
coming soon GA Atlanta 2.11.2011 - 2.13.2011
coming soon TN Chattanooga 2.18.2011 - 2.20.2011
coming soon TN Knoxville 2.25.2011 - 2.27.2011
coming soon NC Charlotte 3.4.2011 - 3.6.2011
coming soon NC Raleigh 3.11.2011 - 3.13.2011
coming soon DC Washington 3.18.2011 - 3.20.2011
coming soon TN Nashville 3.25.2011 - 3.27.2011

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