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How to upgrade your DNN and Evoq site without your HOST account

With all the security updates and issues with the best CMS for .NET lately, you should have performed a few version upgrades in recent weeks. If you haven’t, shame on you, get to it!

One thing that you may run into with an upgrade for DotNetNuke is that you need to know your HOST or another SUPERUSER account in order to complete the upgrade.


Or do you?

Nope! You don’t! To upgrade the site (assuming you’ve already copied all the files out into the proper locations, and you made your backups) you can simply change the URL from


Hit enter to load that new URL and watch the upgrade complete!


You’ll see the “old” DNN upgrade screen, but it works just as well as the newer process which requires a superuser account to complete.

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BTW, if you don't have a host account but you have FTP access, you can easily create a new host account using 'LetMeIn' (free tool):

Posted By: Horacio Judeikin on Monday, July 24, 2017 8:10 PM

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