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What do you do with old hard drives?

Old hard drivesSo what do you do with old hard drives? I’m not talking 1, or 2, but every hard drive you’ve ever owned and no longer use, from 1.7gb up to 750gb (minus a couple of 750s I destroyed while in Colorado)? Here’s my dilemma, I’ve got this stack of hard drives (pictured on the left), half of them I’ve gone through and made sure I have removed all the content I wanted to save on them, deleted the rest.

Now, I know not to just toss these into the trash, it would be theoretically possible to recover the data, even if I delete them. And now that I am becoming a Maker (or dreaming of becoming one) I feel like tossing all that hardware would be a waste of metal.

So how do I dispose of old hard drives? Well I plan to take them apart.

I’m sure you’re wondering, how much data is actually on that stack of hard drives? A pathetic 1.5tb, 1/2 of that coming from a single 750gb drive.

Stay tuned for a photo later this week of all the remnants.

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