2011 Nissan Leaf

For a brief moment in time I owned the 105th Nissan Leaf built and shipped to the USA. The posts below are about my Leaf adventure.

Nissan Leaf Posts

Nissan Leaf Battery/Warranty Survey

Nissan sent out an online survey asking about warranty and battery life for the Nissan Leaf.

From reading through the survey it looks like they are considering 5yr/60k warranties, or 8yr/100k warranties.

There is definitely a lot of information in the survey, and they ask a lot of "what would it take to make you not buy a Leaf". I was pretty strict on I won't accept a 5yr/60k mile warranty, I have no interest in the risk of being an early adopter of the Nissan Leaf if they aren't going to back the product with a very rigid warranty. 

Nissan Leaf Survey

Here are a couple more screenshots from the Survey

What was your overall response to the survey? Did you get it today? Did you fill it out? What do you think the Warranty should be?

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